Chapter 1405

Mrs. Gu thought that Gu Linbei was worried about Gu Xiaoxiao, and Mrs. Gu did have something to deal with in the company.

She explained to Gu Linbei and the nurse.

Then she went back to the company.

After Mrs. Gu left, Gu Linbei went out with the nurses.

Only Gu Linbei and Gu Xiaoxiao were left in the ward.

"Don't pretend to be asleep," Gu Linbei said lightly.

Gu Xiaoxiao knew that her eyelashes had just moved slightly.

Gu Linbei saw it.

If she continued to pretend to be asleep, it would be a little bad.

It was better to face Gu Linbei.

Anyway, that day would come sooner or later.

Gu Xiaoxiao slowly opened her eyes, and then she opened them together with tears.

Tears flowed down the corners of her eyes.

She looked at Gu Linbei and then curled up together.

She was like an abandoned kitten.

And she was very pitiful.

She put her hands under the quilt and silently pulled her clothes down a little.

There were still some traces left by Mr. Ling on her neck.

She deliberately
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