Chapter 1425

Then wouldn't the president fire them?

Monique served coffee one by one and arrived at Xiao Fan's place.

"Monique, there's no need. My cup is full," Xiao Fan said immediately.

Indeed, her cup was filled with chrysanthemum tea.

Monique took a look at it, then poured herself a glass of water, and then put the plate away.

She still had a lot to do!

In the next two days, although Xiao Zhao did not target her directly, she had been assigned new tasks, so she did not have time to help Monique.

But when she went back at night, there was still Henry who would explain and guide her.

Monique finally completed the marketing plan of this project within three days.

In the past two days, Xiao Fan from the marketing department was getting closer and closer to Manager Han.

From time to time, she would go in to serve tea.

Gu Xiaoxiao's matter seemed to have been suppressed a little.

The headlines of the news were all about Young Master Moore and Monique.

Then, there was news about the Mr.
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