Chapter 1455

Then the car drove away.


Louise was out of breath and looked at the check in her hand.

She confirmed it over and over again.

It was really five million dollars on it, and the grip on the check became tighter.

If she lost the check, she would never be able to pay it in her life.

But then again, Mrs. Gu was much more generous than Gu Linbei.

Then Louise put away the check and stopped a taxi to go back.

Perhaps it was because of the five million check.

Louise was particularly careful.

After getting out of the car, she immediately ran home and locked it immediately when she got home.

She even moved a chair to the door.

Finally, she sat down on the sofa.

She could hear her heart pounding.

And she finally regained some consciousness.

"No relationship? You treat me as a child? If you don't have any relationships, would Gu Linbei live in your shabby rental apartment? If it's no, would Gu Linbei come to you as soon as he came back? If it's no. would Gu Linbei stay downsta
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