Chapter 1467

She was not unfamiliar with the face of the woman who was bleeding inside.

“It's Amy!”

She picked up her phone and called the police.

The grudge between her and Amy had not reached the point where she had to die.

There was a layer of coldness in her eyes.

If her kindness was the anger of others who hurt her, she would never tolerate it.

The strong man opened the window and the door.

He entered through the back door and opened it.

Louise ran over from behind.

Gu Linbei's head was covered with blood.

Louise wanted to reach out to hug Gu Linbei, but was stopped by Monique.

"There is no danger of explosion in this car. Wait a minute, wait for the ambulance." As soon as Monique finished speaking, she heard the sound of the ambulance.


Henry called. "How are you? Are you all right?"

Even Henry, who was usually very calm, sounded a little panicked and helpless.

"I'm fine!" Monique hadn't finished her words yet.

"Stay where you are and wait for me. I'll be right there!" Henr
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