Chapter 1471

Monique said again, "Don't be angry. It's my intention."

The room was very quiet. Even though Monique's voice was very low, Henry still heard it.

He immediately walked back to Monique's side, and his eyes immediately softened. "Did you hear that? You're pregnant and we have a baby. I'm not angry. I'm not angry. Don't talk. Have a good rest."

His voice was so gentle that it was almost dripping with water.

His tone was full of surprise.

The nurse, "..."

The doctor was speechless.

Was this still the great demon who had just been angry with them?

He looked like a completely different person.

Monique nodded in confusion.

“She... she... she... was pregnant?”

It was like a dream.

But she thought about it carefully.

In fact, there were also symptoms.

However, when she was pregnant with Little Nomi, she was very obedient and she had no reaction.

She reacted so much so that she always thought that she was not very comfortable in the stomach and did not respond.

Little Nomi jumped
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