Chapter 1400

The name Avel Naiswell alone incited terror.

Even the bragging Brock Park was now reduced to a coward. He himself never imagined that Harvey wouldn’t hesitate to hurt Avel.

This wasn’t about impulsiveness.

A man who didn’t even have the courage to protect his own woman was worthless, even if he did have two balls.

“You slapped me?”

Avel paused. He then reached to touch his face, completely taken by surprise.

Brock and the rest thought they were seeing things.

Stacy, Rae, and her posse couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

They tried looking carefully again. He was still the same man!

However, this live-in son-in-law now carried a tough and hard-edged image, very different from what he seemed like previously.

When did a live-in son-in-law seem so powerful?

“Who are you?!”

Avel spurted out a mouthful of blood. He waved to stop the gangsters who were glaring at Harvey, ready to smash him into a pulp.

“You’re the first one who dared to hit me at my place. You should tell me
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