Chapter 1456

“Nobody is allowed to leave today!”

The swordsman sent Tyson Woods out of Harvey York’s way with a single kick.

“I’ve failed you, CEO York!”

Tyson wiped the blood off his mouth, then struggled to get back up.

“You should leave. I’ll cover your back.”

“You’ve only been in the Sword Camp for a brief moment. There’s still a lot of things that you haven’t learned yet. You’re already quite decent for what you’re able to do here.”

Harvey reached out his hand and patted Tyson’s shoulder.

“On this rare occasion, I’ll teach you a lesson today.”

Tyson trembled, his eyes brimming with exhilaration. The one thing he regretted most in his whole life was leaving Sword Camp early.

To get a chance to take one of the Chief Instructor’s lessons, Tyson had no more regrets!

Stray Dog coldly chuckled on the side after hearing Harvey’s words.

“Prince York, are you brain dead?

“Do you even know who this is? He’s the King of Swords in the eight Heavenly Kings of Star Chaebol from Country H!

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