Chapter 1461

Roy clapped his hands gently as soon as he finished speaking.

Just as he did so, nearly a hundred Country J elites rushed out.

These were Roy’s guards, each clad in a Taekwondo robe. They were obviously Taekwondo masters.

They skilfully surrounded Roy, positioning him in the centre of the crowd.

They sprang out, bearing murderous intent. They unlocked all the safety from their firearms, as though preparing to face a great enemy.

Immediately afterward, a man in a black Taekwondo robe slowly walked out of the villa.

In his hands was a roll of bandages, which he then wrapped around both his hands.

He stared sharply at Harvey, his face an unspeakable and solemn expression.

He was one of the Three Saints of Taekwondo, Gilbert Park.

At the same time, another man in a Taekwondo robe appeared behind Harvey and Ethan. His thick fingers were wrapped around a bottle of alcohol. He seemed to be dawdling.

Similar to Gilbert, he too exuded a murderous intent.

He was another one of the Th
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