Chapter 1556

Seeing her daughter wearing a baggy nightdress, covered in a coat. Her hot figure was quite revealing at this moment. Michelle had the impulse to strangle Harvey York to death.

Meanwhile, Yvonne Xavier hurriedly stepped forward. She forced out a smile and said, “Mother, he is my colleague. He came to do a handover with me.”


“Work handover?”

Michelle’s face was cold. “A male colleague came to do a work handover with you in the middle of the night?

“And it can’t be done during the day, so you have to do it here?

“Do you think I will believe it?

“Tell me honestly. Does this man have any secret relationship with you?

“Who is he?”

Michelle spoke with a cold voice, with an air of superiority.

She stared at Harvey at the same time. If her eyes could kill people, this b*stard who had tarnished her daughter’s innocence had already died thousands of times at this moment.

Yvonne was utterly speechless. She agreed to the Smith family’s request regarding the blind date just t
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