Chapter 1562

Michelle snickered after hearing Harvey York’s words, then coldly said, “Young man, don’t think that you can start calling yourself king because you have some capabilities. Let me tell you something, a person shouldn’t be overestimating their abilities!

“When you go to Mordu or Wolsing, you’ll know how much of a joke you are then!”

“Buckwood’s full of shallow bastards. Do you really think that you have an immense background just because some people call you Prince? Do you really believe that you have such authority or power?

“In Wolsing, in Mordu, your background and power is just a joke!

“With your arrogant behavior and the fact that you provoked the Smith family, you’ll have a hard life ahead of you.”

Harvey calmly smiled without giving a straight answer.

“Authority, background, connections, strength, these have nothing to do with what happened today.

“But of course, if we were to compare all those, I am the highest authority there is, I have the most extraordinary background,
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