Chapter 1588

The rest of the Zimmers, as well as the bodyguards present, froze in shock.

Not only was Lady Snake dead, Quinn had even followed suit. And now, Senior Zimmer was also dead.

It could be said that all the arrangements the Jeans of Mordu had set up in Buckwood and South Light had all crumbled into nothing.

The fake inspector approached Mandy swiftly.


Harvey had long predicted the fake inspector’s actions. He moved forward and aimed a punch at the man.


The fake inspector backed away, spitting blood as he retreated backwards. However, he still managed to kill three to five bodyguards who had pulled out their firearms against him.


The rest of the bodyguards could only draw their swords as they rushed towards the man.

Senior Zimmer was dead. Quinn was dead. If they didn’t kill that man, they’d be dead meat!

They rushed forward with raised power in their steps, and the sounds of weapons clashing followed suit.

Despite facing a deadly duel against the frantical
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