Chapter 1645

Young Master York?!

Gaozu dumplings?!

The whole crowd was slightly taken aback after hearing the words. All of them were a little dumbfounded.

Everyone watched as a short-haired beauty pushed the insulation cart carefully, took out a steamer, and placed it in front of Harvey.

There were only four dumplings in the steamer. Despite looking very ordinary, they exuded an unspeakable aroma.

People who weren’t ignorant would immediately know it after smelling the aroma. These were the legendary Gaozu dumplings!

Normally, people who wanted to eat one had to wait in line for at least three to five years!

Even if they came from a wealthy family, they couldn’t eat it whenever they wanted!

The fact this man had someone bring in the Gaozu dumplings with the steamer was certainly enough to explain his identity!

Harvey glanced faintly at the woman pushing the cart. It was Yona.

He just sent a message casually last night without thinking much of it. He never expected that this woman would a
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