Chapter 1671

Harvey York was speechless for a while and did not know what to say.

Kelly Malone was also very embarrassed. Regardless of whether the things were good or bad, they were all tokens of Harvey’s regard, but it turned out to be like this…

He was a little embarrassed and said, “Well, don’t talk so much nonsense, hurry up and eat!

At this moment, Harvey’s phone vibrated. He unconsciously picked it up to answer and heard Yona Lynch’s panicked voice from the other side of the phone. “Young Master York, something has happened. Come quickly, or else, I’ll…”

The phone was hung up before Yona finished speaking. Harvey got a voicemail when he called again.

Something happened to the Lynch family!

Although Harvey did not want to care much about the affairs of the Lynch family, he was still a little worried about Yona at the moment. He hesitated for a while and quickly said, “Uncle Malone, something came up. I have to leave now. Enjoy your dinner. I will invite you to dinner another day!”

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