Chapter 1676

Then, just before Timothy Feige finished speaking, his face became dull in the next moment, and his mouth was agape.

Benjamin Lynch and the others also unconsciously looked over.

They then saw Lady Lynch, who was initially very strong and fierce, unconsciously stopped when Harvey York walked out.

She then turned around and ran in the next moment…

Timothy was stunned!

Yona Lynch was stunned!

Benjamin was stunned!

Everyone was stunned!

Although both Benjamin and Yona now believed that Harvey could solve the problem, they never thought of such a magical effect. He instantly scared the fierce Lady Lynch away just by stepping out.

“Isn’t it too late to leave now?”

Harvey looked indifferent and took one step. He was not fast, but the distance he took for each step was far.

Lady Lynch seemed to be frightened. She ran even faster.

The two of them arrived at the back garden in a blink of an eye.

“Is Harvey this terrifying?”

“Even demons are afraid of him?”

“Impossible. He’s just
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