Chapter 1704

A man in a white suit, looking incomparable pompous, emerged from the crowd and approached Harvey in an instant.

He was a true master. He was Big Fly’s bodyguard, and had helped Big Fly fight through many bloody battles in Mordu.

He pulled out a military dagger and swung it directly at Harvey’s throat.


A burst of shocked exclamations came from the watching crowd. No one had expected that things would develop to this point.

Harvey might die here tonight!

Xynthia gasped in fright. “Brother-in-law, be careful!”

Unfortunately, no one heard her words.

“Too weak!”

Just as the military dagger was about to touch Harvey, Harvey smiled faintly. He stretched out two fingers and caught it with ease.


A crisp sound.

The imposing white suited man’s figure fell into an abrupt pause. The killing intent on his face seemed to freeze.

“How can this be?!”

His military dagger was caught so easily by Harvey. Harvey’s grip was so strong, making him unable to advance even one step.

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