Chapter 1708


Bryan was taken aback for a moment, not understanding what Denzel meant.

Denzel continued, “Miss Walker is the woman that Prince Jean likes. Thus, we must use special means when dealing with the people around her.”

“That brat tormented you openly, and you only thought of killing him. Your plan is too simple!”

“If Kait finds out, she’d be even more dissatisfied with Prince Jean.”

“Kait comes from the branch of Longmen. Longmen was the façade of the government in the world of swordsmen. They emphasized justice and loyalty the most!”

“One of the reasons Kait refused to accept Prince Jean was because she felt that Prince Jean is a villain who acts viciously.”

“So if this matter is to be done, it can’t be done with obviously shady means. No, it would be best to destroy him in public…”

Denzel thought, and then broke out into a devious smile. “Isn’t that brat very good at fighting?”

“Recently, didn’t Aiden Bauer and Rachel Hardy join forces to fight against Deputy Leader Walke
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