Chapter 1712

Xynthia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw that man.

He was none other than the brother of Justin Walker’s top Great General, Gabe Bowie!

Not only was Gabe quite the skilled martial artist, but he was also the successor of one of the Elders from Longmen. Within the younger generation of Longmen, he was considered to be the top disciple second only to Rachel!

With his background and capabilities, he could be considered a powerful figure within Mordu’s elite circles.

It was also said that he enjoyed brawling in the Budokan.

However, Gabe was rather antagonistic with Bryan. Their relationship was less than ideal.

“Gabe, who do you think you are? Someone like you dares to offend us?”

Bryan flashed him a strange smile.

“Oh? You’re coming at me?”

Gabe grinned playfully. Bryan, who often fought against him using Denzel’s reputation as a shield, was acting uncharacteristically fierce today.

Gabe glanced at Bryan and his usual posse. Then, Gabe’s eyes fell on Xynthia. They lit up im
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