Chapter 1718

After that discovery, Denzel discussed with Bryan and his followers about how to deal with Harvey.

Meanwhile, a woman dressed in business attire stopped Harvey as he was getting out of his house at the Fragrant Hill. She said politely, “Mr. York, Sir Walker wants to see you.”

She was around thirty years old, with elegant makeup and a slim body. Yet, there was a rather fierce aura around her.

“Sir Walker said that he wants to talk to you about what happened yesterday.”

“He hopes that you can make some time for him.”


Harvey chuckled.

“Are you talking about the incident at Longmen’s Budokan?”

“I didn’t do anything but watch the entire time. I have nothing to do with anything, no?”

The woman replied calmly, “Please go, Mr. York. Sir Walker asked for you himself. It’s useless to talk to me about the incident, anyway.”

Harvey thought about it, then decided to follow the woman into a Toyota Alphard.

The business car drove on the road seamlessly, and soon arrived at Lon
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