Chapter 1720

As expected, Justin only cared about what could benefit him.

Gabe was one of his best men, but he never thought of avenging Gabe. Instead, he looked for Harvey to blaze a trail for him.

Naturally, Justin knew exactly what had happened the day before.

Combined with the incident in Paramount, he had a clear idea of Harvey’s worth.

He believed that if he gave Harvey fifteen million dollars in cash, Harvey would willingly become his fighter.

“There’s money, and there’s also a chance to be famous.”

“Once you take down Rachel for me, you’ll also have connections with Mordu’s Longmen branch.”

“I might even be able to get you into the branch. I’ll assign you a high position. You’re guaranteed to enjoy wealth and glory your entire life!”

“I’ll lend you my support as well. In the future, you can do as you please in Mordu!”

“But I need you to do exactly as I say. Remember, you’re only allowed to follow my orders.”

Harvey wanted to rise after hearing Justin’s determined speech, but he re
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