Chapter 1755

For Kait Walker, she had been on her own since her mother was hospitalized in Northern Europe as a vegetable and after her father married another woman.

To an outsider, Kait was considered to be fierce and cold. Mordu’s well-known lady.

But only she knew that the fortress that she built was weak and frail.

When the nights were quiet and lonely, she desperately hoped that there would be a person shielding her from harm.

Kait thought that a person like that would never exist and that it was impossible.

But Kait did not expect that Harvey would stand up and protect her.

Even for someone as cold and distant like Kait felt warmth at this moment.

“You bastard!”

Angelina John stood up furiously. The cat in her arms jumped out while letting out a loud meow.

“Harvey York, it seems that you do not know what’s best for you!

“Do you really think that you’re some big character now, you poor fool?!”

A cold gaze could be seen in Angelina’s eyes. After glaring at Harvey, she then shifted he
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