Chapter 1757

Previously, Angelina John was told that her paralysis from the lower body would not be fatal.

But if it were as Harvey York said and she would turn into a vegetable, she would rather die!

Upon hearing Harvey’s words, Angelina was terrified.

But she was still quite an experienced person. She soon frowned while looking at Kait Walker.

“You told someone else about this?”

Angelina shook her head immediately after she said that. She knew that Kait wouldn’t know about this matter either.

Kait froze over, then shook her head.

“How would I know that you’re paralyzed from the lower half of your body?”

Thinking that Angelina would turn into a vegetable just like her own mother, but also a conscious one, she could not help but stab Angelina in the back.

Even death was better than enduring all this! This would be such a miserable sight!

Angelina’s look on her face darkened. In her eyes, there was no way that Harvey could just spout nonsense and guess everything correctly. The only expla
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