Chapter 1779

Fred was feeling very conceited.

Not only was he a director, he was also from Hong Kong. Often, he wielded significant authority in Country H. Even the police did not dare to touch him.

As such, he was confident that he could trample on these nobodies standing before him.

“You’re the director?” Harvey asked calmly.

“That’s right, I am! Who are you…”


Before Fred was even done speaking, Harvey had already moved forward and slapped him hard on the face.

With just a simple slap, Fred’s face was already crooked and swollen.

Fred froze, and then wailed in pain. He covered his face and screamed, “You bastard! How dare you hit me?!”

“Don’t you know what death is?!”

The followers behind him were seething.

“Do you even know what this place is, you brat?! How dare you hit someone here!”

“Do you think we can’t end you?!”

“Director Miller is nobility, and yet you dared to hit him? You’re finished!”

The crowd of followers were jumping in anger while Harvey walked forward nonchal
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