Chapter 1786

“Mr. Chambers, something’s wrong! Mordu’s Security Management System sealed off the Hengdian World Studios today!”

“They said that there are serious safety hazards in our studio that must be thoroughly investigated. Nobody’s allowed in for the time being.”

“Also, Durin spent a lot of money buying off the internet-famous people that we lifted up recently!”

“After the curtain event went public, Country J’s Star Chaebol requested to permanently cease our collaboration.”

“Several well-known celebrities under our contract had their scandals publicized, too! I’m afraid they won’t be able to show up in public for the time being.”

“In South Light, the banks working with us immediately froze all of our assets. They said that our studio is a huge debt risk, and that they will not unfreeze our assets for now!”


With just a single call, Larry’s expression changed over and over again.

These were news that came from his subordinates, who were shocked by the unexpected turn of events.

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