Chapter 1795

Harvey York was handsome, and his figure was quite slim. Nonetheless, the indifferent words that he spoke while standing here were like the northwest wind in the winter, making Seth Keaton feel the chill all over his body and even deep in his bones.

“Young man, what do you want?

“Could it be that you still want to attack me?”

Seth’s facial expression turned awful at that moment.

Although he was at a disadvantage at present, he couldn’t overpower Harvey with Aiden Bauer’s presence.

However, Aiden’s status was considered average in Mordu, and it was certainly not of the highest level.

Seth had been in Mordu for so many years, and he must have his backer.

Thus, he couldn't actually kneel at this moment.

After all, dignity and self-esteem were very important for them. If he kneeled today, how would he survive in Mordu in the future?

“You coveted Xynthia’s beauty. You failed to threaten her, and you hit her. You even wanted to force yourself on her…

“Since you have the guts to adm
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