Chapter 1907

“Drop the prince and we can still go back, Harvey. If you don’t, you’ll die without a burial place!”

Macy ignored the sting on her face and pulled out her own firearm, aiming it right at Harvey.


Harvey gave Lucas a slap across the face, then used a little more force to choke Lucas.

About a dozen firearms were now aimed right toward Harvey, but he was still standing there calmly.

“Would you all like to see if your guns are faster than my hand?”

Harvey used a little more force to choke Lucas harder than before. Lucas’s face, which had lost all its color, immediately swelled red. There were red veins building in his eyes, which looked as if they were about to pop out of their sockets.

Macy and the others were scared witless by the sight. They wanted to shoot Harvey, but they were afraid that Lucas would get caught in the crossfire.

Brennan rushed toward the scene as soon as he got the message. He was also holding a firearm when he rushed to protect Kait.

“Drop your weapons,
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