Chapter 1939

Garry Duncan exuded an impeccable aura befitting of his noble. He only gave a normal greeting, but that was enough to send Hazel and the other women swooning.

Although Garry wasn’t as handsome as Durin, he was undoubtedly quite the attractive catch.

Hazel, for her part, was a little reserved because of her relationship with “top Bro (on the leaderboard)”.

However, the rest of the influencers wanted to latch on to Garry and wished they could fall into his arms at that very moment.

“Young Master Duncan, please come in. This meal would be tasteless without you, our distinguished guest!”

Hazel led Garry in. She said with a smile, “Miss Xavier is very pleased to know that you are coming. Both of you are old acquaintances, so I don’t have to introduce you.”

Yvonne frowned slightly. She felt as if she was being forcibly pushed into something she didn’t like.

Nonetheless, she could only smile and reply courteously, “Young Master Duncan, it’s been a while.”

“Miss Xavier, your absence
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