Chapter 1970

A crisp sound came out. The Islander man was unable to dodge and was slapped by Garry Duncan and backed away a few steps. Moreover, he felt dizzy, and his head buzzed.

Garry then slapped him again with his backhand even before the Islander man could react.


This slap made the Islander man’s teeth fly out.

After giving the two slaps, Garry casually took the tissue paper on the table and wiped his hand. He then said coldly, “I have provoked you now. So?”

The Islander man covered his face and was stunned for a while.

He had a fairly high status in the Shindan Way Dojo. When had he been insulted like this?

He then looked at Garry with an incredulous expression on his face at this moment. He snarled, “B*stard!

“How dare you hit me?

“Do you know who I am?

“Come! Help me kill this b*stard!”

More than a dozen Islander men around him in karate robes moved simultaneously and attacked Garry following his order.

Bang, bang, bang!

Even if Garry acted pretentiously, his reputation
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