Chapter 1975

Jiro Akano was not that stupid after all. He could see that his brother was terrified.

He covered his face and quickly ran over to stand before Hazel Malone and the others. Then, he kneeled.

“Miss Malone, Mr. Duncan, I’m sorry I offended you today!

“Please forgive my ignorance!

“I should have apologized to you!

“Please, I beg you, have mercy. Please give me a second chance!”

Jiro Akano began to slap himself several times after speaking.

The subordinates, who had been following him, also kneeled and began begging for mercy.

Ryo Akano’s eyelid twitched wildly. He then stepped forward, bowed to apologize. “Miss Malone, I’m sorry that I offended you just now. Sorry for the inconvenience!”

He panically glanced at Harvey York to see if Harvey was satisfied as he spoke.

“You’re Ryo Akano, right? That’s very nice of you!”

Hazel felt that her waist instantly straightened after seeing Ryo Akano suddenly act cowardly.

She then reached out her hand and patted Ryo Akano’s face. She said
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