Chapter 1977

In Hazel Malone’s view, Harvey York was severely lacking in ability but still wanted to be Yvonne Xavier’s bodyguard?

In the end?

There was such a huge conflict between the two sides, but Harvey had never even come forward at all. He even urged everyone to leave soon!



There was a huge difference if Harvey were to be compared to the handsome and cool Garry Duncan at this moment!

Most importantly, Yvonne was dazzled by such a person!

Hazel sighed. She felt that she could no longer act kindly toward Harvey.

Even if Harvey had a close relationship with her family, she had to persuade Yvonne to kick Harvey away.

Otherwise, if Garry were not around in the future, Harvey would be useless if something were to happen to Yvonne.


At this moment, Ryo Akano saw Harvey waving his hand casually. He let out a sigh of relief, took a deep stare at Garry, and walked away with his men.

He was being extremely respectful as he retreated. He backed away and looked a little m
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