Chapter 1995

After that, Harvey York then asked for more workers to speed up the renovation process.

Speaking of which, there was only a tiny portion of the villa left to be fixed. It should be done in a couple of days without much hassle.

But Rachel insisted on installing bulletproof glasses and doors in case of another break-in.

After hearing all this, Harvey was genuinely speechless.

The number one villa suffered a lot of damage immediately after Harvey started to live in it. It had been broken in countless times already for the past few days.

The villa really needed to be renovated with high-end materials. It would be pretty annoying if it needed renovation every time it got damaged.

And since the Shindan Way issued a killing order against Harvey, he might not be able to live a comfortable life any longer.

Without a second thought, Harvey had the urge to challenge the Shindan Way’s kendo hall in Mordu.

But after considering that some things could not be solved with just killing, Harvey
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