Chapter 2010


Hector almost jumped out instinctively and subconsciously made a grab for Harvey’s hand.

However, Harvey took half a step back at the critical moment. He swung his right hand, and suddenly, the longevity elixir appeared in his palm.

The crowd was beyond shocked.

No one expected Harvey to actually make a fool out of Hector!

On top of that, Hector’s reaction surpassed everyone’s imagination.

Right then, Harvey was holding the longevity elixir. He flashed Hector a smile that didn’t reach his eyes and said, “Young Master Thompson, why are you so worked up?”

“I’m just feeding the dog with my own possession. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Why would you care about something so insignificant?”

Yvonne was momentarily taken aback. She then realized that Harvey probably already caught wind of Hector’s true purpose of coming to Mordu last night.

Otherwise, Harvey wouldn’t have grasped Hector’s weakness in an instant.

Tyson and George looked at Harvey with admiration.

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