Chapter 2013

As Hector and Sakura were busy acting intimate, Harvey tossed his bank card motionlessly.

Just then, Tyson spoke up from the side.

“Sir York, why did we hand them the Longevity Elixir?”

“If that thing really is as godly as you say, we could’ve kept it for ourselves!”

Harvey glanced at Tyson before chuckling lightly.

“Do you actually believe that such a thing exists?”

Tyson froze. He wasn’t able to react properly.

“If the Longevity Elixir actually worked, Ziusudra would’ve been the first immortal being in this world.”

“That thing seems mysterious and all, but it’s just mercury. To put it bluntly, it’s quicksilver, a material found in thermometers. It’s just black because of the poor purification technology during ancient times.”

Tyson looked mystified. Since Harvey already said so, Tyson had no reason to doubt him.

If Hector found out that he had bought mercury for fifteen billion dollars, who knew how he would feel?

As Harvey and Tyson continued talking, the auction continue
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