Chapter 2035

“Return my daughter to me! Redeem my justice!

“It’s so unfair! Making a parent bury their child!

“Impose sanctions on the murderer, Harvey York!

“Could one just do anything they want with money these years?!”

Giant banners were pulled out, each with big bloody words written on it.

Moreover, a series of short videos of Miwa Fujihara and the scene where she was being taken down by Harvey previously was projected on two other giant screens.

All those gimmicks immediately attracted the attention of many people. Many Chinese and foreign tourists even unconsciously took out their mobile phones.

After all, everyone naturally liked to watch the fun, which was the biggest excitement.

Soon, a couple of aunties started to shout using the megaphone, “Give us justice! Give my daughter back!”

The shouts kept on coming and sounded sorrowful.

Meanwhile, many more aunties were crying while holding the portrait of Miwa Fujihara and began to distribute leaflets around.

Soon, the matter spread
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