Chapter 116

“Holy sh*t! Is he a wealthy man with a low profile?”

“He didn’t look twice before swiping his card. That’s awesome!”

“Does he own any properties?”

Seeing Harvey York acting so frank, the crowd became momentarily stunned.

Among the crowd, Weston Jackman was the one who could see most clearly. As soon as Harvey pulled out the card, he too let out a startled gasp.

“An Amex Black Card!”

At his exclamation, pin drop silence enveloped the entire store.

The crowd might not have seen the Amex Black Card, but it did not mean that they had never heard about it before.

A holder of the Amex Black Card would need to have at least a few hundred millions of cash in his bank account. Cash, not assets! Even for a big shot like Weston, he only had a few hundred thousands of cash in his hands. How exactly does a few hundred millions of cash look like?

For a card like that, there couldn’t be more than five of them in Niumhi!

Even the shopkeeper was shocked. Was he going to make a fortune that d
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Ramilo Saril Del R
Is this how people in your country looked at the customers. Do they have not the priviledge for their privacy especially their money? Are their people's right regulation there?

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