Chapter 169

“Grandpa, I would like to request something. As we don’t have much time left, I’m planning to start the construction tomorrow, so I would like to pick someone trustworthy to keep an eye on the construction process,” Mandy said to Senior Zimmer.

“Sure, pick anyone you like,” Senior Zimmer replied easily.

“Grandpa, I pick Harvey…” Mandy suggested hesitantly as she looked at Harvey.

Mandy was starting to think that Harvey was reliable, so she wanted to give Harvey a chance to learn what it was like working on the frontline.

Senior Zimmer frowned at Mandy’s request.

“Mandy Zimmer, do you really think you can control everything about the project? It’s not even your asset to begin with! You want to let this worthless guy supervise the construction? Who’s gonna bear the responsibility if he screws up?” Zack Zimmer shouted, jealousy clear in his tone.

“Grandpa already said that I’m in charge of the entire project. Who are you to object?” Mandy replied with a frown.

“Mandy, please don’t
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