Chapter 180

Once he finished wrapping the bandages on his hand, Dario Moore made his move and lunged forward. He charged in with incredible speed, comparable to that of a skilled sprinter bursting through a hundred-meter dash.

Harvey pressed his left foot firmly on the ground, using the momentum to push his body as he too leapt towards Dario.

The audience watched the fight unfold with bated breath.

In the VIP room, Shane Naiswell smiled. Rosalie Naiswell was beside herself with nerves. Liam Stone’s earlier grinning face was now replaced by a somber look.

The two fighters collided, both highly skilled in their own right. For Dario, this was his first time clashing against an evenly matched opponent since he joined the gym.

Such a match was naturally exciting to watch.


Two fists slammed against one another in the same heartbeat. A flurry of punches clashed in rapid succession. There were no fancy moves, only the furious exchange of raw blows.

A piercing pain struck Harvey as his right
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The auto on this book is not working so please to fix it, At work I’ll listen to the book while working how ever the audio is not working so I have nothing to listen to and reading while working is not an option I love the book so please help 

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