Chapter 182

“You’ve lost,” Harvey York said casually. Although Dario Moore was not knocked out and was still conscious, it was clear that he was the loser in the fight.

Dario’s strongest move could not force Harvey into backing for even half a step, whereas Harvey’s attack had forced Dario to retreat for three whole steps. The difference in skills was as clear as day.

Dario fell into a slump. He immediately turned and said to the referee, “I’ve lost. I won’t take the money for this match.”

The referee went deathly pale. Did Dario just admit his loss? In the entire gym, who else can defend against that b*stard who had barged in to spread chaos?

Harvey’s face relaxed. Shaking his hands, he said, “Do you have any more people stronger than him? If there’s none, tell Liam Stone to come to me.”

“Why, you…!” The corner of the referee’s eyes twitched. This b*stard was way too cocky. However, he had his ways of being arrogant too.


In the VIP room, Liam rose abruptly. The crystal glass in his
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