Chapter 216

Covey shuddered unconsciously. He was not afraid of Tyson, but he felt that he should not offend Harvey. He had a feeling that Harvey was a hundred times more terrifying than Tyson.

He trembled briefly before he said solemnly, “It was Zack’s idea. He gave me three hundred thousand dollars to do this…”


It was him!

Harvey was very quiet. Although he had guessed that Zack must have had something to do with this matter, he never would have thought that he was the mastermind behind it. That rich brat was not good at anything, but he was very clever at plotting sometimes.

Harvey turned on his phone and tossed it to Covey, then said coldly, “Say it clearly and don’t miss a word.”

Covey unconsciously lowered his head because he dared not look directly at Harvey. After all, he was the one who had planned to forcibly take Mandy. If Harvey knew about it, he did not know what would happen to him. It might be even worse than dying an agonizing death.

“If he doesn’t say anything, just k
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