Chapter 270

Meanwhile, at the parking lot, Jerry Zabel could not help but smile when he saw Harvey York’s phone. He then laughed and said, “Oh my gosh, Harvey. You even use the old-model phone which includes a three-year calling credit for fifteen dollars. You are truly amazing!”

He then glanced at Shirley Ryan and said indifferently, “Shirley, can’t you see it at this point? He’s a poor and useless guy. Why do you keep helping him? Do you think that he will be grateful? I know that something was going on between you two back then, but look at him, he’s nothing now. He isn’t even qualified to stand in front of me. Could it be that you are still thinking about his kindness and refuse to be my girlfriend?”

Sure enough, Jerry was also not stupid. He knew that it was Harvey who had spoilt his plan when he tried to pursue Shirley back then. He certainly wanted to humiliate Harvey wantonly since he had the opportunity today.

Not only he could vent out his anger, but he could also let Shirley’s good i
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Remz Deramos Fuentes
I thougt he bought an expensive phone to use for work? Why still yvonne still calling at the ols one?

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