Chapter 301

“The CEO’s secretary?” The female receptionist was confused. “May I know who you are…”

Now, York Enterprise enjoyed quite a privileged position in Niumhi. A lot of people who wanted to meet Yvonne Xavier always behave themselves in a respectful manner. It was the first time she met a person like Wyatt Johnson who acted in a dominant and ferocious manner.

“I’ll give her three minutes. If she doesn’t come out by then, she won’t be the CEO’s secretary anymore.” Wyatt smiled coldly. He went there to snatch the power and status forcefully that day. How was it possible that he would be nice and cordial?

But the female receptionist just stared at Wyatt in shock. ‘Is this guy out of his mind? Doesn’t he know that Yvonne is the mysterious new CEO’s most trusted person?’

“Sir, this is York Enterprise. Although I don’t know who you are, you can’t say nonsense like that. Our company doesn’t welcome people like you who are impolite. Now, please leave. If not, I’m going to call the security gu
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