Chapter 312

At the CEO’s office.

Yvonne Xavier and Wendy Sorrell were both seated quietly. When they heard the door being pushed open, they stood up at the same time.

Standing before them was an old woman. Yvonne and Wendy were both a little nervous as the woman’s aura was quite intimidating. Her stern presence was not like any normal person's, and dominated the entire room.

Yvonne who came from an established background was frozen to the spot, while Wendy who was from a normal family did not dare say a word.

Thea York glared at Yvonne and Wendy. The CEO's secretaries were quite cute; no wonder her kept man, Wyatt Johnson, did not come back home last night.

“Who are you? This is the CEO’s office. How can you just casually walk in?” Yvonne calmed herself down and asked, raising an eyebrow.

Thea eyed Yvonne disdainfully. “What right does a lil’ b*tch like you have to ask who I am? Ask your CEO to come out and see me!”

When Yvonne heard her words, her brows furrowed. What had happened in the p
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