Chapter 324

Senior Zimmer was trembling as he held the invitation card in his hand. He still could not calm down even after the man had left.

The Naiswells once held a similar Antique Fair in Niumhi before. At that time, the Zimmer family had thought about countless ways to participate in the event. However, they had been despised and shunned.

That had always been on Senior Zimmer’s mind, which was also why he wanted to participate in this Antique Fair.

The Naiswells had actually sent someone to deliver an invitation card, which was a huge breakthrough for the Zimmer family!

Among the second-class families in Niumhi, only the Zimmer family could make that leap.

“We finally made it! We are about to become a first-class family! We have been recognized by the Naiswells!” Senior Zimmer said excitedly.

“Grandfather, see what the requirements are! We must follow them!” Zack was also very excited.

Although he was now the vice CEO of the Zimmer family, he still had to be humble in front of those fi
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