Chapter 329

Hearing those words, Harvey York squinted his eyes slightly, it seemed that Luis Zarate wasn’t trying to be friendly with him at all.

With that thought in mind, Harvey turned his gaze toward Rosalie Naiswell for a while, what more troubles could she bring to himself with her good looks?

Noticing Harvey’s stare, Rosalie’s icy expression softened up and was replaced with a smile as she winked at him mischievously.

Harvey smiled back helplessly, not knowing what to do for the next step.

Meanwhile, Luis who stood at the side clenched his fists taking in the scene, this douchebag from God knows where dared to flirt with the apple of his eye? It’s totally unacceptable!

Charles Zarate noticed everything that had happened with the corner of his eyes and sighed mentally, his student had already lost to this young man just with his composure and act.

But of course, Charles had to help Luis as a family member, so he glared at Luis and told him off, “What have I been teaching you all these t
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