Chapter 364

Harvey York let out a huge sigh. Those old foxes were a bunch of smart people. Whatever objective or thought he might have would be seen through in front of their eyes.

Without a second thought, Harvey grabbed a cup of tea on the table and drank it. He then sighed.

“This truly is the kind of tea that heals your stomach. A pound of this would definitely cost you hundreds, right?”


Shane Naiswell angrily laughed after listening to Harvey.

“This is the Big Red Pouch from Walno, the strain on cliffs, with bodyguards protecting it with firearms. You can only get around ten pounds of this tea per year, the ones that are being sold outside is less than five pounds, a pound costs more than eighty thousand.”

“You’re telling me that a pound of this is worth thousands?”

Harvey was not well versed on teas, but at that moment he was also astonished.

The Naiswells’ networking skills are beyond his comprehension, this was not the kind of tea that anyone could buy with just some mon
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