Chapter 432

Mandy Zimmer sighed, her expressions perplexed.

She was from the Zimmer family after all, she only wanted to see the family safe.

On the family’s brink of destruction, Zack Zimmer apologized. Her grandfather even had urged her; she saw no point in saying anything more.

Harvey York secretly sighed, Mandy could have asked for more authority in the family during that situation.

But Mandy valued her family more than anything else.

Even if she asked for it herself, she might not even accept it.

Looking at Mandy cooling herself down, Senior Zimmer stood up.

“Zack, since things have been decided, don’t keep stalling. When you go this afternoon, remember to bring a lavish gift.”

He was forcing Zack to go to the Yorks’ whatever it takes.

Zack did not know how to feel, he only stared at Quinn Zimmer at that moment.

The woman that was soon to be the most noble of all others did not even say a word.

She was not married into the Silvas yet after all, she did not even know what Leon Silva
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Damon Thorne
Senior Zimmer kinda reminds me of my Grandparents cause they treated me as they're MOST favorite grandchild. Cause I was the very 1st grandchild born at that time. They're least favorite was my middle brother, cause all he did was get into trouble anywhere he went. They had 8 grandkids at that time

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