Chapter 443

Half a month later, in Buckwood.

Today, the Buckwood airport was crowded with people. Esteemed families and enterprises had all arranged for their important executives to wait here as soon as they received the news.

There were even securities armed with guns and bullets patrolling around key areas to prevent any mishaps from occurring.

For the past half month, there had been rumours that a hotshot who visited Buckwood three years ago would be returning with power!

The upper-class families of Buckwood found out about this matter earlier than most. Right now many were waiting for the arrival of this famous and enigmatic man, eager to catch a glimpse of him.

Rumours had it that this legendary man had ultimate control over Buckwood three years ago. Yet at the peak of his power, he suddenly vanished into thin air. No one knew what happened after that.

Some said that he died. There were also those who said he got backstabbed by his own family. Others believed that he had angered anothe
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