Chapter 444

After some thought, Simon Zimmer said, “Old man, the Silvas have arranged a welcome dinner for us Zimmers to celebrate our first time coming to Buckwood. It’s rumoured that they have also invited a number of hotshots.”

“Why don’t we send an invitation to this powerful man as well? It has to be a work of fate and luck for us to exit the VIP lounge with him on the same day. Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky again this time.”

Senior Zimmer grew ecstatic. “We can try.”

If they could meet this man during their welcome dinner, the Zimmers would most definitely be considered powerful enough when they establish their entrance in Buckwood!

It would certainly bring the Zimmers great opportunities, as well as a boost in status.

Behind the crowd, Mandy Zimmer wasn’t bothered by the noises in front of them. She glanced backward worriedly and then murmured softly, “Mom, I’m going to walk to the back and check where Harvey is. He hasn’t come out yet…”

“What?” Lilian Yates glared at her. “This i
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Adreena Moody
brett or le wateva not the same brother
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Fritza Jacques
This woman is beyond. stupid. Harvey should just give up on her!

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