Chapter 454

Soon, a waiter came over and set up a small table as requested.

There were only tea, vegetables, and tofu on the table, apart from the bowls and chopsticks.

Those waiters had seen the world. Thus, they were looking at Simon Zimmer’s family with mockery in their eyes.

“Okay! Sit down quickly. Don’t stand. It’s embarrassing!” Zack Zimmer said with a smile.

Simon’s face was pale. However, in the end, he could only grit his teeth and walked over to sit down.

After all, they were still members of the Zimmer family.

Even if Simon had some connections in Buckwood, what could he do in such a situation?

The other members of the Zimmer family were right. This trash, Harvey York, did tarnish the Zimmer family’s reputation last night.

It was already considerate that they were not driven out of the family.

At this moment, Harvey suddenly grabbed Mandy Zimmer’s wrist, turned around, and said, “Zack, since you’re so chatty, let me ask you, which table should you be seated at if you contribu
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