Chapter 469

“It’s simple.”

“We might not have any invitations, but we came in through the security check.”

“Since we got in, that means that there are no suspicions about our identity.”

“Clearly, Brent Silva was the one causing all the commotion and disrupting the banquet.”

“You all saw the crowd that gathered her just now, right? How terrible must that have been?”

“I don’t know who this Prince York is, but I think he won’t like people disrupting his banquet.”

“Not just Brent Silva. I assume even Leon Silva would get thrown out like that if he caused trouble here.” Harvey York said naturally.

Simon Zimmer nodded in agreement.

“That must be it. I did hear before that the Silver Nimbus Outer Courtyard has a lot of rules.”

“In this place, nobody would care about your identity if you could get in legally.”

“But if you cause a ruckus in here, you’d be thrown out immediately regardless of your status!”

“I see, no wonder the invitations are so expensive!” Lilian Yates said with a thoughtful ex
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