Chapter 500

At Senior Zimmer’s order, one of the Zimmers stood up proudly and blocked those rich heirs with a smug grin. “Gentlemen, this is a private property. You can’t simply trespass here.”

“Zimmers? As in, the Zimmers from Niumhi?”

A buff rich heir spoke up coldly.

This Zimmer didn’t sense anything wrong and continued grinning. “That’s right! We’re the Zimmers from Niumhi, and we’re under Sky Corporation. If you want to meet our CEO, you need to make a reservation first. Today I don’t think…”


Before he could end his sentence, the rich heir slapped him hard across the face. He was utterly dumbfounded.

The rich heir continued, “What a family! Insignificant outsiders like you people dare to call yourselves a new rich family in Buckwood in front of us? Hah!”

His acquaintances who were standing behind him let out mocking sneers.

Despite the fact they were now facing bankruptcy, in the past they were feared by many.

It was obvious they came here to make trouble and besmirch the Zimme
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